The Roistering Dormouse


Poor dormouse! Just a few minutes ago he was the king of the attic, happy and care-free, and now he is homeless and all alone in the big wide world, in need of a new shelter. But where should he look? Luckily, he can see far and wide from the top of the tree. “Look at that!” he says to himself. “What’s that colourful little house over there?” An excerpt from the picture book The Roistering Dormouse


What’s that raspy scamper in the middle of the night? Who dares to stomp around and make those awful noises that keep us all from sleep? Like a ghost in a silvery coat and white apron, a swift little creature rushes between treetops and rooftops, flicking its bushy tail. If it spots a gap between the roof tiles, you can be sure it will dart straight into it. And that’s when another never-ending attic party begins.

Have you figured out who that all-night roisterer might be? You’ve helped the roistering dormouse find a new home at the Dormouse Adventure Park, and he has taught you a whole lot of interesting things about forest animals. If you’re curious to know the whole story of his adventures, read the picture book The Roistering Dormouse by Uroš Grilc, with illustrations by Maša Kozjek.


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