The Treasure of the Pokljuka Dwarves

Slovensko slikanico Zaklad pokljuških škratov lahko naročite tukaj.

“And you know what else,” continued Mighty, “as soon as the dwarves have this down to a T, they work on learning a special skill of our ancestors. Some are handy weapon makers, excellent cooks, master seamstresses, others may be singers and painters. Dwarves will sometimes work up to a skill with a rare superpower. Some can call up the wind and bad weather, and I can talk to animals.”

The Treasure of the Pokljuka Dwarves is a story about dwarves who joined forces to overcome the destruction of nature. It’s an invitation to visit the beautiful and mysterious Pokljuka. Who knows, perhaps the Pokljuka dwarves are still there, doing their dwarfish workout?

Visit Pokljuka and explore secret corners, maybe you’ll find Pokljuka’s treasure there soon!


The picture book was created in cooperation with the Pokljuka Sports Association, the Pokljuka Center and the World Biathlon Championships – Pokljuka 2021.



Price of book is 12.95 EUR, postage to Slovenia is free for orders over 16 EUR.



Ohoho, what’s going on in the snowy Pokljuka? If these are not dwarves … 🤭

The fairy tale on Pokljuka captured mysterious moments on the plateau in the film camera, where it smells strongly of dwarfism. ❄️🤸
Discover the secret of Pokljuka! 🎯